The F440 Smart Camera is designed for use in highly industrialized, automation, and manufacturing applications, specifically in the life sciences, logistics, semiconductor, digital, and food/commodity industries. Target applications include — but are not limited to — cap inspection, fill level inspection, box count, label barcode & OCR, and measurement.

Key Features

  • Sony Pregius 5 MP Global Shutter sensor with 35 frames per second
  • Industry-standard C-Mount lens mount
  • Extremely small 40 x 61mm form factor
  • AutoVISION Machine Vision software

Key Customer Benefits

  • With a compact form factor, the F440 can be embedded into a machine without requiring a PC for software.
  • The F440 comes native with the AutoVISION software platform and has three different levels of capability based on application needs.
  • The F440 is a self-contained vision system that can handle even the most demanding of applications.

Target Applications

  • Cap inspection
  • Fill level inspection
  • Label and barcode reading
  • OCR & OCV
  • Measurement
  • Count
  • Location
  • Presence/absence detection