PACK EXPO offers a thrilling opportunity to see the world’s most powerful packaging technologies – robotics, vision and more – in action.

In Booth #LS-5970, you’ll get to test out our integrated, intelligent and interactive solutions and receive your very own customized souvenir!

The show has introduced a new robotics-focused area dubbed the “Robotics Zone.” In this area N-850D, attendees will have the unique opportunity to play dice with an Omron TM Series collaborative robot, among other things. Omron is also sponsoring the interactive PACK EXPO greeter robot that will welcome visitors to the booth filled with robotic technologies designed to boost the productivity of packaging lines.

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Roll the dice with Omron at the Robotics Zone!

In addition to our main booth located in the Lower South Hall, we’ll also have an intriguing demonstration at the Robotics Zone in the North Hall. You’ll get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play dice with an Omron TM Series Collaborative – and win a prize!

Interested in finding out more about the Omron TM Series Collaborative Robot? Read up on it before you meet it in person!

Get a personalized souvenier manufactured on the spot!

At our booth, you’ll receive a personalized sample product tin with candy assembled through the cooperation between humans and machines – right in front of your eyes.

Omron’s solutions promote harmony on the factory floor through improvements in safety, speed and efficiency driven by AI programs that learn from workers on a daily basis. Humans can safely interact with our collaborative and mobile robots, which are designed to adapt to workers’ needs.

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