Take advantage of our unmatched quality and reliability for your most demanding manufacturing environments. Omron’s innovative and scalable solutions encompass input, output, logic, control, vision, safety, motion, robotics and more.

Whether you’re seeking to optimize your processes for assembly, powertrain, stamping/forming, battery or another key vehicle component, Omron has the expertise and technology portfolio to maximize productivity.

Omron and Production Traceability Interview with Bill Hampton, Editor-in-Chief , AutoBeat Daily

Omron & Production Traceability Interview with Bill Hampton, Editor-in-Chief, AutoBeat Daily

Manufacturing is all about efficiency, and that includes the ability to trace the whereabouts of parts from intake through product shipment. Omron supplies the sensors, barcode readers, cameras, robotics, motion control and controller products to help do just that. The automotive sector is heavily automated already. But Jeff Hall, director of strategic sales at Omron, says there is plenty of potential for gains in traceability, which can boost quality.

Your trusted advisor for success on the road ahead

Omron’s intelligent, connected and flexible technology can help you navigate today’s tough automotive market. Global competition, varying demand and increasing design complexity are just a few challenges manufacturers face today.

From vehicle component to vehicle assembly, our portfolio features wide-ranging solutions designed to enhance the manufacturing process while dramatically reducing your cost of ownership.

Automation Alley

Hear from the experts at Omron Automation Americas and Veoneer Brake Systems as they explore advanced technologies and knowledge to get past the hype and buzzwords.

A Real-World Journey to the Factory of the Future

Are you struggling with how to chart the path to your future factory? This Tech Takeover will not only leave you excited about all the promises of the future factory, and what it can do for you and your customers, but also provide tangible steps and guidance on how to get started. You will gain insights from a real-life example that is using existing advanced technologies and knowledge to get past the hype and buzzwords. Real challenges in implementing future factory technologies can yield real benefits. You can overcome these challenges with the right knowledge and right automation partner.