Labeling for regulatory compliance provides a means for items, parts and components to be marked and read in either fixtured or handheld scanning environments at any manufacturers’ facility. Newer and more stringent regulations require a complete solution to ensure medical device labels are consistently produced and verified according to FDA regulations and guidelines. This includes using cameras, software and precision illumination to support the handling of electronic records, validations, audit trails, user management, documentation as well as managing data integrity. Ensure the quality of labels on primary, secondary and final packaging using barcode and machine vision – while maximizing productivity.

This solution will help you:

  • Verify both off-line and in-line product labels
  • Recognize OCR and OCV text
  • Electronically store and access data for internal traceability and FDA audits
  • Reduce costly recalls
  • Maintain compliance with GS1, UDI, 21 CFR Part 11