The ability to trace individual products (item-level) through the supply chain is becoming increasingly important to fight counterfeiting and increase consumer safety. While traditional lot and batch level traceability provides a level of supply chain risk management, serialization provides item-level traceability. This means individual items can be traced from manufacturing, right through distribution and retail to end-user use. Traceability at the item-level – or serialization – is becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical industry but laws and regulations are already shaping the cosmetic and tobacco industries as well.

This solution will help you:

  • Ensure compliance with global pharmaceutical standards, including DSCSA
  • Apply anti-counterfeiting measures
  • Protect consumer safety
  • Coordinate all serialization activities and connect to ERP/MES and cloud solutions
  • Protect and increase trust in your brand
  • Minimize charge backs related to packaging errors or claims against manufacturers
  • Track products from production line to patient
  • Make operations more efficient and profitable