Maximize productivity while protecting your team

In fulfillment and distribution centers, things are constantly in motion. Employees are at risk of injury caused by collisions and other transportation-related accidents unless proper safeguarding measures are implemented. Machines with proper safeguarding instill confidence in associates, boosting productivity, and prevents operational delays caused by false trips.

Keep your warehouse associates safe with solutions designed by a world leader in factory and logistics automation.

Omron safety technologies in intralogistics solutions

Modern warehouses are equipped with dynamic and high-speed material handling systems. Leran more about Omron products, which are in full compliance with global safety standards and are listed as the preferred choice by leading e-commerce businesses.

Conveyor Safeguarding

Minimize the risk posed during product transferring and sortation.

Prevent injuries on fast-moving belts

Conveyors can be a frequent cause of accidents. A modern safety control infrastructure that includes easily accessible emergency switches and E-stops is a critical component of any conveyor safeguarding system, and it can help reduce downtime as well.

What to consider:

  • Use appropriate safety-rated devices
  • Ensure that all E-stops are readily accessible
  • Minimize downtime with advanced controls

AGV/AMR Safety and Collision Avoidance

Prepare self-navigating robots for dynamic environments.

Protect your autonomous robot with active safety measures

Autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are excellent ways to improve productivity. That said, if you’re planning to implement such a solution in a facility with human workers, advanced safety features are must.

What to consider:

  • Choose a solution that is easy to configure integrate
  • Troubleshoot effectively with detailed diagnostics
  • Benefit from a compact and power-saving laser scanner

AS/RS Aisles Safety

Prevent injuries from undesired access to your high-speed warehouse storage system.

Automate access control with safety light curtains

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) are an excellent way to maximize warehouse space usage through automated methods. However, these systems do require some human intervention and must therefore incorporate safeguarding.

What to consider:

  • Restrict access with physical barriers
  • Employ light curtains for operator safety
  • Implement a modern controls infrastructure

Cobot Workstation Safety

Enable flexible interchange between collaborative and high-speed modes of operation.

Maximizing safety in collaborative operations

It is essential for warehouse managers to validate their collaborative robot applications for safety across all operations. Warehouses manager should be sure to evaluate each device for potential hazards and safety sensors to prevent human and equipment damage.

What to consider:

  • Define workstation according to robot’s reach
  • Use laser scanners to detect operator presence
  • Have risk assessments conducted regularly

Robotic Cell Safeguarding

Keep operators away from hazardous motion.

High-speed motion poses serious safety hazards

Unlike collaborative robots, industrial robots aren’t designed to function alongside human operators. For this reason, they must be sequestered within robotic cells that are properly guarded with interlock switches, light curtains, safety laser scanners and other devices.

Things to consider:

  • Ensure only trained operators can access cells
  • Use light curtains to halt motion when people approach
  • Complete your solution with integrated safety kits

Warehouse Safety Compliance

Make sure your team is well-trained and aware of safety procedures.

Put safety first with risk assessments and training

Safety services like regular machine safety risk assessments, visual lockout/tagout procedural descriptions and functional safety training are essential for minimizing costly accidents in your facility. Most often, material handling solution providers, or warehouse owners, lack expertise in safety. With more than 50 years and 25,000+ machines made safe, Omron brings you knowledge about the latest safety standards, regulations, and best practices.

Key considerations:

  • Provide your team with thorough training
  • Make safety procedures visible to all
  • Work with certified safety experts

Safety control solutions for logistics

Discover logistics-focused safety control solutions that are scalable, simple to troubleshoot, and quick to integrate in this brochure featuring everything from the compact G9SP to the powerful NX-SL5 with both CIP Safety and Safety over EtherCAT (FSoE). The brochure includes a product selection table to help guide your choice!

Reducing downtime with machine safety

The right machine safety technology can help companies reduce the impact of unforeseen events and keep productivity levels high. In this white paper, we’ll examine how this works, with a focus on key features of machine safety solutions provided by Omron.

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