Seeing collaborative robots in action quickly puts their contributions into perspective and opens manufacturing in the life sciences arena to new possibilities. However, there are hurdles that remain, many of which are related to mindset. In addition to the economic mindset of justifying investment, collaboration with robots also requires a shift in worker mindset. One thing is certain, cobots are rapidly becoming one of the most important tools and teammates in a manufacturer’s arsenal

In this Tech Talk, we will discuss:

  • Robotic integration and what is widely considered to be the new manufacturing ecosystem
  • The evolution of how collaborative robots will change the movement of materials through a process and why it’s about helping shape intelligent products of the future
  • Technologies including: collaborative, mobile and mobile manipulator robotics as well as workflow software
  • The new interaction between workers, technology and products: collaborative robots as workforce multipliers
  • Collaborative adoption for specialty applications in medical device manufacturing, clinical and in vitro diagnostics, laboratory automation and pharmaceuticals