The use of high-quality liquid handling instruments throughout discovery, testing and production is imperative for maintaining quality assurance. Calibrating liquid handling instrumentation and measuring the efficacy of liquid handling processes is often dictated by applicable regulatory and quality standards. Instruments with onboard pipetting are often used to transfer liquid from one location to the next and accurate movements are critical when dispensing from a set height or when using liquid-level detection to predict volume in a well. Incorporating one or more calibration features into the deck of an instrument reduces errors, saving valuable time and increasing confidence in accuracy.

This solution will help you:

  • Cut the cost of instruments
  • Minimize intervention from lab technicians
  • Increase throughput
  • Know exactly where everything is before initiating operations
  • Automatically calibrate your system before every new run
  • Confirm all consumables and samples are properly placed within the instrument
  • Find the home position of your motion system
  • Inspect every tube before aspirating any liquid
  • Eliminate the chance of broken pipette tips