Automation, specifically robotics, have brought flexibility, consistency and predictability to lab workflow, while reducing costs associated with errors from manual handling. Lab tasks are often classified as delicate, such as handling fragile cells and tiny quantities of liquids while operating in environments such as sterilization chambers and clean rooms can be challenging. The ability of robots, both mobile and collaborative, to perform such tasks and operate in such environments has proven to increase uptime by customizing movement for a variety of applications. They can work uninterrupted, intelligently navigating around technicians as well as unplanned obstacles, enabling high throughput that would not have been possible with manual handling.

This solution will help you:

  • Move materials in challenging environments without using floor magnets or navigation beacons
  • Save time manually moving from station to station
  • Reduce deployment costs with zero facility modifications
  • Integrate automation side-by-side with lab technicians
  • Boost production without raising employee fatigue
  • Automating repetitive tasks such as machine tending, loading and unloading as well as assembly
  • Perform complete machine tending  when mobile and collaborative technologies are combined