PoC Cincinnati

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  • Customized proof-of-concept testing
  • Hands-on fixed, collaborative and mobile robot demos and feasibilities
  • Technical training for robotics and automation products
  • Feasibility studies for advanced sensing technologies and laser marking

Get hands-on access to these technologies

Omron TM Collaborative Robots

Omron TM cobots can boost production and reduce employee fatigue by automating repetitive tasks. The Omron TM Collaborative Robot is designed to adapt to almost any industry.

Sysmac Machine Automation Controller

Omron's extensive portfolio of PLC and MAC controllers, networking solutions, remote IO, IPC and HMI technology support a fully integrated application.

Machine Vision and Identification Lab

Omron machine vision and inspection systems can help with high-speed verification, inspection and code reading.

Omron Fiber Laser Marking

Our fiber laser markers are designed for fine processing, deep and shallow metal engravings, and marking on plastics, resins and films.

Omron Autonomous Mobile Robots

Omron autonomous mobile robots can solve a variety of material transport issues with innovative robots that self-navigate through demanding environments.

Sysmac Motion Control

We have dedicated systems to showcase the powerful Sysmac motion control and 1S servo systems.

Flexible Feeding Systems

We have several AnyFeeder Flexible feeding systems to help find solutions for difficult part feeding challenges.

Dual Quattro Conveyor Tracking System

We have a dual Quattro conveyor tracking system to prove out high-speed conveyor tracking and packaging applications.

Get solutions and advice from our experts

The Cincinnati PoCC is home to many specialized and experienced engineers. If you need assistance with your automation project, the Cincinnati PoC experts can help and connect with Omron's worldwide network of field applications engineers with expertise in automation, vision and safety, as well as fixed, collaborative and mobile robots.

Training room for product training classes

The Cincinnati PoC Center features a dedicated training room. This can be used for internal/external training, including published courses hosted by the Omron training department.