PoC Leon

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  • Proof-of-concept testing
  • Demonstrations of security, robotics and industrial automation
  • Technical training
  • Technology integrations for Industry 4.0

Get hands-on access to these technologies

Viper Robot-6 Axis

Omron Viper Robot integrated with high-tech vision system, laser marker, safety and servos. Prepared to demonstrate IoT and Industry 4.0 capabilities.

MX-Z Fiber Laser Marker

MX-Z Fiber Laser Marker for applications with requirements that need a high-quality and permanent identification system.

Omron TM Collaborative Robot

Omron TM industrial, mobile and collaborative robots for your most demanding applications such as: loading and unloading, assembly, screw driving, gluing, testing or soldering.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Advanced and high-performance Sysmac robotics functionality integrated in the NJ machine controller, which fully operates three robots for high-speed, multi-robot PnP with integrated vision and safety...

IoT and Industry 4.0

See demos at PoC Leon of Omron solutions to provide the best in IoT and Industry 4.0

Get solutions and advice from our experts

At PoC Leon, customers can work with expert field application engineers who have hands-on experience designing solutions using PLCs, HMIs, robots, motion, vision, sensing, laser markers, RFID, safety and temperature control in a variety of industries ranging from automotive to cosmetics and food and beverage. Contact us for more information on how our engineers can help you to find the right solution to your automation challenges.