5" Advanced Hand-Held Touch Screen

The product is a wired mobile version of the NS5 HMI, allowing users to use the operator interface on machines or applications where freedom of movement is needed. Like other NS-Series HMIs, the hand-held touch screen features 256 colors (32,768 for image data) and delivers functionality that helps customers improve their process while minimizing development time. A built-in Smart Active Parts library provides customers with pre-made objects for various applications, also for Temperature Controllers and Motion Controllers. Develop and test your HMI screens and PLC programs without hardware using the integrated simulator.


  • 5.7 inch QVGA LCD with LED backlight
  • 16-level greyscale models available
  • Hardwired Emergency Stop Switch
  • 10 Function Keys; 6 programmable, 4 hardwired
  • Hand Strap for safe carrying
  • Enable Switch on back
  • Re-use projects of standard NS HMIs

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