What you'll gain from learning Sysmac Studio

Programming Expertise

Learn two different methods of programming widely used in Automation: Ladder Logic and structured text.

Technology Exposure

Access to a complete software package that lets you explore the programming of all automation technologies including PLCs, motion, safety, enterprise connectivity (SQL/OPC UA) and robotics.

Simulation Used by Professionals

Use the software to physically connect to hardware in your lab or to simulate your work where ever you may need.

What's included in Sysmac Studio for Students

If you are a student at a technical college or university, you are qualified to receive 6 months of free access to Sysmac Studio used by industrial automation professionals, including:

  • Access to the programming of automation technologies such as PLCs, motion, HMIs, robots and more
  • Hardware support to connect with Omron’s NJ/NX series of machine automation controllers for labs
  • Easy, yet powerful, simulation on your PC for visualizing and learning without any physical hardware

Here's how to get started

1. Submit Form Below

Provide the required information with a valid student email ID.

2. Get an email with link

Review information in the email sent and follow directions to download Sysmac Studio.

3. Install and start learning

Install the software and leverage learning resources on YouTube or through your school's structured program.

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