The hospital network’s management team envisioned introducing an autonomous floor care system and began engaging with autonomous floor scrubber companies and robotics platform providers to study and evaluate their capabilities and embedded safety features as well assess their operability in a hospital environment.

The hospitals tested seven different robotic scrubbers and found all to be deficient either in thoroughness of cleaning or in navigational capabilities (and sometimes both). During an Omron Technology Road Show in 2018, the hospital network was impressed by the Omron LD mobile robot technology and commented that it would address an immediate need if the robots could clean floors.

The local Omron team arranged for a meeting with the hospitals and 4D Technologies, a global leader in autonomous optical imaging, to start working on a potential solution. The 4D had tested several robotic platforms before determining that Omron’s navigation system was the best in the world for their applications. Prior to this project, 4D had already been exploring floor cleaning robots for its large retail store clients.

Business need

One of Canada’s largest hospital networks needed to automate floor cleaning with a self-navigating solution that could operate safely in dynamic and dense environments.

Unique solution

Omron teamed up with 4D Technologies to create an autonomous floor scrubber solution that seamlessly integrates Omron’s mobile robot technology and 4D’s software into the hospital’s existing equipment.

Customer benefits

The Canadian hospital network is pleased with the new system’s excellent navigational capabilities and its system for tracking which parts of the floor have been cleaned and at what times.