"A single platform reduces the number of components and the wiring and programming times in the workshops. It also reduces stock volumes, and the variety of spare parts needed," said Denis Oerther, Mecapack Purchasing Manager.

Single line controller

  • Fewer components
  • Less wiring
  • Less programming
  • Smaller inventory of spares

A complete turnkey packaging line

"These days our customers look for machines which can work at high speed and with increased capacity. But they also want to build a relationship with a single Project Manager who can offer a global solution for both primary and secondary packaging. This is what we have been working to establish for the past five years." Benoît Méfort, Mecapack Development

"We have developed from being a manufacturer of individual machines towards becoming a supplier of engineering solutions. We owe this evolution directly to the development of Omron technology," Cyrille Couloigner, Mecapack Automation Research, said.