The New-Motion workshop in Middelburg, the Netherlands, has been home to a new machine. Under the watchful eye of a webcam, this machine has been repeatedly performing the same task. New-Motion has developed and built a new palletizer. The counter has registered over 900,000 movements.

Having virtually piled nearly a million boxes onto a pallet, the faultless longevity test is considered successful. The new machine is an important range extension of the internal transporting solutions that New-Motion mainly builds for the food and beverage industry. Omron provided the palletizer operating system and control interface.

"Omron and Edwin Denissen, Denissen Engineering, both possess enormous technical expertise. Incorporating the Omron’s linear servo drive and a third-party direct-drive motor wouldn’t be a problem. Naturally, Omron was also able to deliver the other components like the PLCs and servomotors."

"We were in contact with various driver distributers, but controlling the grab-arm with a direct drive seemed to pose a problem, because most providers only sold fixed servo and driver combinations," says Remco de Jonge, responsible for engineering at New-Motion.

See how New Motion used Omron expertise and components to build its robot palletizer

"Integrating the direct drive and control system proved to be a challenge for our suppliers, but it wasn't a problem for Omron."

Edwin Denissen, technical manager, New Motion