Preserve Capital

Do you have an immediate need for an automation solution, but can’t wait for the project to be funded through your capital process?  Our financing options allow you to get the equipment you need now while preserving your capital for future projects.

0% Financing

You can purchase our game-changing robot technology and spread the cost of the solution over time, improving your cash flow.  Omron is offering a 24 month, 0% interest financing plan for well-qualified candidates. Offer is subject to formal credit approval.

Download our financing success story

Want to find out how we helped a leading technology company ensure speed-to-market with a new mobile robot solution? This company was able to finance the robots through Omron and meet a tight schedule and strict financial requirements on their terms.

Omron’s integrated robotic solutions make integration easy

Omron’s robotic solutions make integration easy by bringing control, safety, motion and other requirements together in a single software architecture and development environment.