Whether you need help with a single machine or an entire enterprise, we can work within your budget and your schedule

Advanced safety services is comprised of three main categories: safety education, machine assessment and remediation services. Our unique combination of safety and control expertise allow us to offer comprehensive safety solutions without sacrificing productivity.

Let our global safety experts work with you to ensure your people are safe and your plants are compliant.

We are a leader in Safety

  • 10% of the TUV Rheinland Functional Safety Engineers in the Americas work for us
  • Technology leader in safety component design and machine guarding practices
  • 15,000 machines made safe in 30 years

Contact us for information about:

  • Machine Safe Design Services
  • Machine Safety Validation
  • Stop Time Measurements
  • Educating your organization with safety device and standards training
  • Safeguarding Risk Assessments
  • Machine Safety Integration & Installation
  • Evaluate machine and process safeguarding
  • Offer complete installation of safeguards
  • Consult on corporate safety standards

This solution will help you:

  • Provide an understanding of machine and process safeguarding
  • Build a foundation for a safer, more productive manufacturing operation
  • Ensure machines or processing lines are safeguarded according to the current standards
  • Ensure there is a documented risk reduction strategySave money because machine safety improvements only need to be done once
  • Save costs from litigation by helping eliminate workplace injuries
  • Ensure machines remain productive after safeguarding is installed
  • Bring machines into compliance with all applicable standards such as OSHA, ANSI, RIA, NFPA, NEC, CSA, EN, IEC and ISO
  • Save on insurance carrying costs, such as paying high workers’ compensation premiums
  • Protect against replacing damaged goods and machinery
  • Boost employee morale by creating a perception of a safe workplace