Las Vegas Convention Center

See our complete mini-factory in booth #SU-7537

Our mini-factory’s simple workflow will show our complete strategy for delivering real-time operational insight, dynamic process control, and seamless data exchange.

All components will be synchronized and controlled by the Omron Sysmac automation platform that improves connectivity for IIoT applications and supports interoperability with multiple manufacturers.

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6 smart solutions you need to check out at the Omron booth at PACK EXPO:

  1. Intelligent pick-and-place. Our multi-robot pick-and-place solution is built for high throughput lines, moving products from one position to another. With PackManager software, you can eliminate the complexity and time it takes to automate your line. Combined with vision, motion, control and safety, this modular design improves the flexibility of the most complex applications.
  2. Automate bin picking. The TM collaborative robot mounted to the LD-250 mobile robot, when equipped with vision, is able to pick up parts with varying weights, shapes and orientations out of a bin. The camera locates parts and sends their coordinates to the robot, while software makes the calculations required for trajectory and force to pick up parts.
  3. The connected factory. Visualize the connected factory as our Industry 4.0 IIoT solution shows how process and production data can be utilized to improve efficiency in your plant. This solution demonstrates how easy it is to streamline and transmit data from all of your machines to an MQTT broker on an IPC, using the NX102 controller as an edge device. Access data and make decisions in real-time via our NA HMI.
  4. Ensure traceability throughout the supply chain. The ability to communicate label data both internally and throughout the supply chain is imperative to traceability. On-the-fly triggering allows the capture of label images during motion. This solution showcases the complete spectrum of Omron’s vision portfolio to detect errors at the earliest point possible to avoid costly recalls.
  5. Expedite parts handling. Parts handling can be costly and time consuming, but not with the i4L SCARA robot and our programming tools. The system is designed to be fast, flexible and scalable to handle challenging processes without the fear of unexpected faults. Combined with up to a 5kg payload, a high degree of repeatability, you can expedite parts handling, allowing operators to focus on more critical tasks.
  6. Streamline end-of-line packaging and palletizing. Streamline packaging and palletizing operations by integrating collaborative robotics with vision to automate end-of-line tasks, picking up packages of nearly any size or shape. Fast deployment makes fulfillment, logistics and supply chain operations more simple, fast and efficient – getting your products out the door so you can meet the demands of your customers.

For more detailed information about the technologies supporting Omron smart packaging solutions at PACK EXPO, download our brochure below