Our Fleet Operations Workspace (FLOW) Core is a brand-new system for coordinating the LD Series that seamlessly integrates all of the robots’ high-level, fleet-specific functions into a single software suite. This all-encompassing solution puts manufacturers in complete control of productivity, throughput and traceability.

FLOW Core is also responsible for running the navigation and mapping functionality on individual robots, even when they’re not part of a fleet. That said, in this particular post, we’re going to focus on the ways in which FLOW Core delivers industry-leading fleet management capabilities.

FLOW Core ensures efficient and effective fleet operation

For manufacturers seeking to optimize a fleet (which could range from just a few robots to as many as 100), FLOW core offers a number of benefits. The solution dramatically improves job assignment and traffic control with intelligent software. Job execution time is shorter thanks to improved navigation and driving algorithms.

FLOW Core also boosts the flexibility of a mobile robot application via alternate path navigation and easy goal location programming that enables a quick response to any factory layout changes. The system prioritizes important jobs and selects the fastest routes based on human and robot traffic, all while displaying the job queue and robot location and status.

It’s easy to set up and manage FLOW Core

Omron’s goal is to make implementation as easy as possible, and FLOW Core is no exception. Our popular MobilePlanner app continues to be the control center, with a user interface that provides the tools for all major tasks. These include creating and editing maps, defining goals, setting tasks, managing job priorities, commanding fleets, and optimizing fleet configurations.

FLOW Core integrates seamlessly with factory systems

The fleet management system is designed to quickly and easily integrate with any factory’s manufacturing execution system (MES) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. The integration toolkit provided with FLOW Core connects an LD mobile robot fleet with any MES/ERP system via industry-standard RESTful, SQL or Rabbit MQ APIs.

Once connected, FLOW Core also reduces the amount of programming required. It automatically optimizes the fleet by determining the fastest routes for each task, creating alternative routes when paths are blocked, prioritizing important jobs in real-time and scheduling job assignments and battery charging in the most efficient way possible.

FLOW Core is a continuously improving solution

As with all Omron solutions, FLOW Core is an intelligent system that is designed to be scalable and capable of continuous improvement. Through our close relationship with global manufacturers, we constantly discover new ways to improve the fleet management system to meet real-world needs.

The strongest member of the LD family

Industry first to control different types of mobile robots via one system.

Omron LD mobile robot line just got stronger

Omron's new LD-250 mobile robot can carry a payload of 250kg -- giving you the strength to expand what is possible in your automated system. It is built with sturdier metallic skins, is capable of more demanding duties and is even quieter than the LD-90.

Optimized for dynamic and peopled environments, these robots can naturally fall in behind human workers to seamlessly "integrate" into the workforce.