Bartel pitched the idea of creating a machine that automatically places greenhouse peppers in bags. Because peppers come in a variety of shapes and can be prone to damage if not grasped along their unique contours, the bagging process is largely performed manually. However, if this task were to be successfully automated, greenhouse companies could save time, cut costs, and boost productivity. Bartel worked with Omron Automation Americas automation to provide solutions for products that integrate well, allowing Bartel to devote more energy to designing and manufacturing a modular machine that would scale up dramatically in response to changing application needs.

The high level of coordination of one Viper 6 Axis Articulated Robot and servos together with two bagging systems, one on each side, represent a single module, scaling up the entire machine simply meant adding more modules. The servos stand out in a variety of ways, including size, controllability, ease of use, and ease of programming in tandem with robotics. The Omron NX102 machine automation controller with Sysmac Studio makes it possible to put everything together. Since the engineers were able to connect the NA5 Series human-machine interface (HMI) to the robot, the sensors, and the servo drives in Sysmac Studio, the new machine works well across all platforms.

Business Need

Automating repetitive processes like food processing and package handling, food safety can be eliminated as an issue.

Unique Solution

A uniquely scalable system with seamless handshaking in a single platform increases efficiency

Customer Benefits

Complete safety and seamless integrations improves the hygiene of sorted vegetables by reducing the amount of contact, and increases efficiency within a single platform.

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