A frequent issue for machine builders is the difficulty to find qualified specialists on short notice for services outside their home market: fixing malfunctions, adjustments, training and other consultations. Also international deployment of in-house employees involves high costs and local languages might cause issues with the local regional production environments.

Omron's Consultation Desk Service offers machine builders an opportunity to instantly tap into Omron's global service infrastructure to be able to provide faster, high quality service in a very cost-efficient manner. Global network of qualified service specialists enables a high degree of flexibility and improved production availability. Omron's Consultation Desk Service is applicable during the complete machine life-cycle; design, start-up /installation and the operation stage of the machine.


Consultation Desk Service approach summarised:

  • Provides Cross-border Support in an area or country where Omron machine builder customer, is not based
  • Omron machine builder customer, do not need to send their engineers abroad to handle technical, Omron-related requests
  • Omron machine builder customer and machine operator customers: save time, money and resources

Cross Border Support is provided in the local language and can include:

  • Investigation on what caused the issues
  • Advices and support to prevent future malfunctions
  • Training and coaching of operators and maintenance engineers
  • Support with software issues to increase machine performance