What’s a Gotcha Stick, and how do you use it?

How do we ensure that the mounting distance is correct? You might have guessed the answer.

Enter the Gotcha Stick

Also known as a “Guard Opening Scale,” a Gotcha Stick is a 2D representation of a human finger, hand and arm that’s instrumental in ensuring that a machine’s safeguarding is within proper compliance. The size of a Gotcha Stick is modeled on a woman’s Size 6 glove.

How to use the Gotcha Stick

First, place the scaled side perpendicular to the smallest dimension of the opening. If there are openings of multiple sizes, then each one must be tested. If the guards are adjustable, you must test the worst-case scenario. As long as the tip of the Gotcha Stick doesn’t reach the point of hazard, then the safeguarding is compliant.