HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL, December 8, 2020 – As the COVID-19 pandemic challenges schools to build functional systems for online learning, one high school in particular found an optimal solution for keeping its engineering courses going strong. This was a series of e-learning tutorials from industry-leading automation solutions provider Omron Automation Americas. The online resources gave Lakota East High School engineering instructor Todd Hummer an effective way to teach his Computer Integrated Manufacturing course remotely as well as in a socially distanced manner once students began returning for in-person learning.

Hummer has about 45 students, both juniors and seniors, who are pursuing engineering knowledge and are on track to study the subject at a college level. Whether classes are held online or in-person, pandemic-related concerns make it impossible to allow multiple students to crowd around a single piece of equipment. Hummer’s approach has been to modularize the entire class and employ a rotation strategy, which presents a challenge for addressing questions about the material. With Omron’s e-learning modules, he was able to structure his content to help students stay engaged.

“Not only was the Omron e-learning content valuable for remote students, now that we are back to school in person, the lessons will be just as valuable,” says Hummer. “Due to social distancing requirements, we are learning content in rotations, or a modular environment. As a result, I am not always able to traditionally instruct the class, but Omron helps fill in that instruction as I move around the room helping the students who need it. Students can work though the learning modules at their own pace until they reach proficiency!”

Voelker Controls Company, an Ohio-based industrial automation solutions provider and an Omron distributor, was instrumental in introducing the e-learning modules to the high school. “We’re honored to work with our local schools and students to expand their engineering knowledge. When traditional methods were not available and with limited options to teach automation remotely, Omron’s e-learning was a great resource.” says Andy Walsh, Voelker’s Product Manager of Robotics and Automation.

« Voelker Controls, de pair avec Omron, possède l’une des expertises en automatisation les plus avancées au monde, et nous sommes fiers de partager nos connaissances pour contribuer à l’enseignement de l’automatisation. »

Andy Walsh | Chef de produit de robotique et d’automatisation de la compagnie Voelker Controls
Lakota High School Students

The e-learning modules have over 50 courses on functions and general knowledge of factory automation equipment. The modules are designed for people of all backgrounds seeking to learn more about robotics and other engineering topics related to industrial automation technology. Anyone interested in gaining more engineering knowledge can get started by registering here.

À propos de la compagnie Voelker Controls

Depuis près de 50 ans, Voelker Controls s’efforce de fournir à ses clients les meilleures solutions d’automatisation industrielle de leur catégorie. Fondée en 1970 par Chuck Voelker pour répondre aux besoins d’automatisation des entreprises locales, l’entreprise a développé son expertise initiale dans les solutions hydrauliques et pneumatiques pour inclure le contrôle du mouvement, la robotique, la vision artificielle, les capteurs, l’identification automatique et plus encore. Son siège social est situé dans l’Ohio.

À propos d’Omron Automation

Omron Automation est un partenaire d’automatisation industrielle qui crée, vend et entretient des solutions d’automatisation entièrement intégrées qui incluent la détection, le contrôle, la sécurité, la vision, le mouvement, la robotique et plus encore. Créée en 1933 et actuellement dirigée par le président Yoshihito Yamada, Omron et ses 36 000 employés aident les entreprises à résoudre leurs problèmes avec créativité dans plus de 110 pays. Apprenez-en plus à http://automation.omron.com/.

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