Precision Tool Service - Columbus, IN

Date of event - August 27, 2019

Event Time - 11:00AM to 3:00PM EST

For registration and more event information, please click here or contact Becky Eiserhut at or 317.895.6200

Agenda Highlights:

  • MicroHAWK ID series overview
  • ID-40 connectivity, PLC and I/O
  • Typical applications and tips on reader selection
  • MicroHAWK configuration via WebLink
  • Tuning for lighting environment
  • Tuning for label/substrate characteristics
  • Tuning to optimize read rate
  • Tuning for high speed applications
  • Use of triggers
  • Use of AutoFocus vs. Fixed Focus
  • Use of Match Code
  • Barcode quality testing with LVS-9585 verifier
  • Short overview of AutoVISION inspection tools