A rack based encoder feedback module for the UMAC controller, the ACC-84E is a Universal Serial Encoder Interface Board that can be configured for many different purposes.

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ACC-84E supports the following encoder protocols:

  • SSI Synchronous Serial Interface
  • EnDat 2.2 EnDat 2.2 Interface from HEIDENHAIN
  • Yaskawa Yaskawa Sigma II/III/V Feedback Support
  • Tamagawa Tamagawa OAS and SA Absolute Encoders
  • Panasonic A4 and A5 Encoder Series
  • Mitutoyo Mitutoyo ENSIS® high-speed serial protocol (AT503/AT503A/ST70X)
  • BiSS B/C BiSS B/C Unidirectional
  • Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Serial Encoder Protocol for HG-X Servo Motors
  • Omron 1S Omron 1S Series Serial Encoders

Alternately, the ACC-84E additionally could be ordered for one of the following alternate uses.

  • XY2-100 XY2-100 Interface for X and Y Coordinate Communication
  • TBC Table-Based Position Compare for expanded position compare functionality