Rapid changes in consumer demand and trends

Flexibility in machine tending is crucial in automotive manufacturing for several reasons. Firstly, the automotive industry experiences changing consumer demands and market trends. Being able to quickly adapt to these changes is necessary to meet customer requirements and stay competitive. Flexibility allows manufacturers to efficiently switch between different product models and variations, enabling them to produce vehicles based on current market demands.


Mobile Manipulator robots revolutionize industrial work

Combining the collaborative capabilities of a robot with the mobility of a mobile platform Omron Mobile Manipulators, or MoMas, bring unparalleled flexibility in handling operations and operational mobility. These innovative robots can effortlessly lift products, place them on the payload, and autonomously navigate to different areas within your facility. With the introduction of MoMas, Omron offers a new generation of robots that revolutionize the way tasks are performed in industrial settings.

Introducing Omron's MoMa solution

Omron's autonomous mobile manipulator solution supports flexible manufacturing and improves efficiency by integrating a self-navigating LD mobile robot with Omron's collaborative robot arm.

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