Support of new hardware

Support the following Controllers:

  • NJ501-R[]00 Controller version 1.44
  • NJ501-R[]20 Controller version 1.44
  • NY512-1[]00 Controller version 1.24
  • NY512-Z[]00 Controller version 1.24
  • NY532-1[]00 Controller version 1.24
  • NY532-Z[]00 Controller version 1.24
  • NJ501-5300 Controller version 1.21 (CNC 1.02)
  • NY532-5400 Controller version 1.21 (CNC 1.02)

Robot Integrated CPU Units Ver 1.43 and later support the following robots:

  • Viper series articulated robots
  • i4 series SCARA robots
  • iX3/iX4 series parallel robots.

Improved functions

  • Copy multiple POUs (programs, functions, FBs) together
  • Single-click on a ladder rung makes a rung element selection
  • Network-published variables are not eligible for Delete Unused Variables function
  • Show the EtherCAT slave/NX unit at a failed transfer
  • Transfer to NX unit is possible during an EtherCAT communication error
  • Tag set name in EtherNet/IP connection setting permits a hyphen
  • EDS file creation function for CIP Safety devices
  • CIP  connection type (Type2a, 2b) can be changed for several devices at once with batch setting feature
  • Bulk editing for variable comments
  • Search and jump to the resources
  • Variable display
  • Search Unused Variables function
  • Improved error messages shown for a build
  • Embed a variable value in a user alarm message
  • Only frequently-used property items are shown in the Standard mode.
  • Embed Dialog for advanced settings is available in Properties Tab
  • Animation window was merged into the Properties window.
  • 3D Visualizer displays real operational time

Enhanced/Improved functions


  • Solved the problem that executing Transfer in Online Edit during a simulation of NJ501-R might stop a robot control task.
  • Solved the problem that a major fault might occur after a build error associated with variables was resolved by changing the task setting.


  • Support the Remote Encoder Setting Function
  • Improved the problem that an error might occur and disturb an access to RobotControlSetting when a simulation of a project that includes a robot was performed.
  • Improved the problem that executing a simulation from the 3D Visualization pop-up menu of an Application Manager device might fail.
  • Improved the problem that during a simulation, performing online program editing that includes IEC variables referenced by EXTERNAL keywords in a V+ program caused a V+ program execution error.
  • Improved the problem that when an NJ501-Rx20 (DB model) controller was set and a simulation of the project where an NJ Robotics instruction was used in a program was run, an error occurred and an access to RobotControlSetting was disturbed.
  • Improved the problem that an online connection or simulation while the V+ variable list is shown initialized initial values of a precision point array.
  • Improved the problem that when a shape script with a code to assign values into a REAL variable was run with Windows setting using a decimal comma instead of a decimal point, an error message was shown and the shape script was aborted.


  • Support the function to update configurations and setting data for Safety Units
  • Improved the usability so that a terminated connection can be reestablished with the Safety CPU Unit due to a timeout during an upload.


  • Improved overall performances.
  • Soft-NA supports Runtime 1.12 to 1.15.
  • Solved the problem that in a project using multiple HMIs, data type definition might  become invalid when a device was switched from controller to HMI.
  • Solved the problem that a mapped variable might not be shown on the Variable Mapping when a device was switched from controller to HMI.
  • Solved the problem that an invalid resources ID might be assigned to an edited resource on the page editor.
  • Solved the problem that a copied page group might be pasted in the same page size of the original unit model.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that  an Input control action caused an error if  performed at a start of NA.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that E_PAG_011 might occur at a pop-up window appeared.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that a CSV file created in data logging might be overlapped with a previously saved file.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that an error occurred when a variable value set to a conditional expression of an event became unallowable one for its data type.
  • Runtime Solved the problem that an error was rarely indicated in an operation when some objects sharing a variable were used in multiple pages.
  • OS Support the function to insert a variable value into a message at a user alarm.