In 1933, Dr. Kazuma Tateishi launched the Tateishi Electric Manufacturing Company, a small company that would grow into the multi-billion-dollar Omron Corporation.

A brilliant inventor and determined salesman, Tateishi saw a need for faster X-ray timers in hospitals, and the resulting three-employee factory grew into what is now a leader in sensing components and end-to-end automation solutions with more than 36,000 employees across the globe.

Since its inception, Omron has devoted more than 80 years to addressing the challenges of our changing society through technological innovations. It has a rich heritage of creating technologies that improve lives worldwide, such as the world’s first automated cash dispenser, the automated traffic signal, facial recognition sensing and distance warning system for automobiles. Omron is also the global market leader in home blood pressure monitoring technology.

Omron’s pioneering technological contributions span a wide variety of fields – industrial automation, healthcare, automotive electronics, social systems, environmental solutions and mechanical components, to name a few.