Omron’s robotic solutions make integration easy by bringing control, safety, motion and other requirements together in a single software architecture and development environment.

Meet your current and future needs for process design, flexible operation and predictive maintenance with technologies that are built to work in tandem with human creativity. We foster harmony between humans and machines through improvements in safety, collaboration and efficiency.

New Integrated Controller capable of controlling robots and entire automation systems

Omron has recently introduced its most full-featured machine automation controller to date. Offering control of multiple robots, the choice of 16, 32, or 64 controlled motion axes, and SQL connectivity. It is the ideal control solution for complete robotic cells, high-speed motion systems, material handling and multi-robot systems.

Solutions that address today’s biggest challenges in manufacturing

Omron's unique combination of software and control architecture addresses key factory automation challenges, from producing high-volume, high-variety mixes to managing short product life-cycles that require rapid production line changes.

Integrated robotic solutions for materials transport

Omron’s LD Series mobile robots are Autonomous Intelligent Vehicles (AIVs) that dramatically increase productivity in manufacturing and logistics operations. This unique solution boosts throughput, reduces machine dwell time, eliminates errors and improves material traceability.

Today, Omron has the largest installed base of AIVs in manufacturing. Our mobile robots are a versatile technology that can be deployed in thousands of applications across multiple industries.

All-encompassing automation expertise

Omron’s top-of-the-line robotic automation solutions enhance even the most demanding manufacturing lines by providing five key benefits.

  1. Improved performance. The synchronization of our machine control with vision-guided robotics helps maximize throughput.
  2. Quick delivery. Our multiple automated warehouses ensure a short turnaround time for deliveries.
  3. Simplicity. Our integrated software environment reduces startup and maintenance time thanks to its intuitive, user-friendly design.
  4. Efficiency. All production data coming from Omron’s robots, controllers and sensors is collected, shared and managed to optimize productivity.
  5. Flexibility. Omron’s software assisted system automatically generates new programming code base on the application at hand.
See for yourself how Omron’s end-to-end solution keeps operations running smoothly while making production tasks more manageable for SCI’s team

SCI TM Collaborative Success Story

Manufacturer of plastic containers achieves major boost in flexibility and customer satisfaction with Omron TM collaborative robot.

See for yourself how Omron’s end-to-end solution keeps operations running smoothly while making production tasks more manageable for SCI’s team.

Buy Omron robots with 0% financing

Did you know that you can purchase our empowering robotic technology today and spread the cost of the solution over time.  Omron is offering a 24 month, 0% interest financing plan for well-qualified candidates.