SCADA software is like a human-machine interface (HMI), but much more powerful. Users can communicate with — and visualize — not only Omron controllers, but also a vast array of other vendor controllers, drives, motion control devices, on a variety of networks and communication protocols.

SCADA packages are widely used in windfarms, pipeline systems, power transmission, water/wastewater, detention, and factory automation systems. Let’s take a look at how Omron’s partnership with AVEVA Edge makes SCADA easier than ever to use.

1.  It allows for exceptionally fast and reliable communication with Omron products.

Using Sysmac Gateway and CX-Compolet, the IWS Server on AVEVA Edge becomes a node on the automation/machine network. This ensures the fastest and most reliable communication with Omron products, avoiding additional OPC implementation or network traffic. Driver setup time is also kept to a minimum.

Another key benefit of pairing an Omron PLC or machine automation controller with Omron AVEVA Edge is a feature known as Tag Datalink, which lets users set up a shared Event Memory on the PC where the HMI Runtime resides. This provides faster updates for the HMI project, since they’re based on “change of state” at the PLC instead of relying on polling all PLCs.

2.  It’s a solution that works across all industries, regardless of controls platform.

The standard AVEVA Edge, formerly known as InduSoft Web Studio, includes native Omron communication drivers (Serial and Ethernet), as well as tag sharing capabilities for easier integration and enhanced communications. Omron AVEVA Edge builds upon this to include Sysmac Gateway functionality.

Over 150 device drivers for other manufacturers are also included, enabling communications to a wide range of controllers and devices. Both the standard Aveva Edge and Omron AVEVA Edge products are available through Omron, but Omron AVEVA Edge is only available through Omron and our channel partners.

3.  It’s a guaranteed compatible solution with our Industrial PC. 

Omron AVEVA Edge has preferred compatibility with our NY Series Industrial PC (IPC). The NY IPC with Omron Aveva Edge provides an HMI to the NJ and NX Series controllers, but also offers the power of a computer for additional functionality and the ability to run multiple software packages. Also, an IPC with Omron AVEVA Edge can display to an entire factory using any monitor size. Want to learn more about Omron AVEVA Edge?