That is why companies like Omron and industry associations like MICHauto are working together to engage today’s high school students and educate them about the automotive and mobility sector. Omron and MICHauto recently teamed up to offer a “Discover Auto” virtual event for a group of teachers and students seeking to learn more about careers in this fast-evolving industry.

Developing and empowering engineering talent in Michigan

The Discover Auto program is designed to connect students with industry professionals who can help them align their talent with the needs of the automotive companies in the area. Most recently, students have participated in virtual guided tours of automotive facilities where they learn about trends, technology, and career options in automotive.

MICHauto presents Discover Auto sessions in partnership with nonprofits Project Lead The Way and Square One Education Network. Each session features a company in the automotive industry and gives students the opportunity to see how their skillset can fit into a dynamic career at that company.

An introduction to careers with Omron

MICHauto featured Omron for its November 18th Discover Auto event. Students were introduced to Omron’s history, mission and technology portfolio in a short video and were then taken on a tour of the Detroit Proof-of-Concept Center (PoCC) by Bryan Monty, Strategic Account Manager for Automotive. A Q&A session followed.

During the tour, Bryan explained how the PoCCs address the demand for smart manufacturing solutions by giving prospective customers the confidence that their capital investments – which are becoming larger as automation evolves – will be successful. Students got to see Omron’s laser marker, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and other technologies in action.

Omron and MichAuto | Discover Auto Virtual Series