Omron recently partnered up with Lorain County Community College (LCCC) in Elyria, OH to help the institution train its engineering students on the technologies used in today’s electronic device manufacturing facilities.

The first Bachelor of Applied Science degree in microelectronics manufacturing

LCCC is unique in being the first college to create a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in microelectronics manufacturing. This industry-tailored, hands-on program features core content in printed circuit board (PCB) design, assembly and prototyping with additional content in quality, electronics and drafting.

The program gained approval from the Ohio Department of Higher Education in 2018, and LCCC started working with a variety of local partners to help students cultivate a skillset that meets the industry’s needs. Much of this effort involved purchasing a full surface-mount technology (SMT) line to give students hands-on training.

Ensuring relevant, hands-on practice with today’s latest technologies

Since LCCC’s fundamental requirement was to help Lorain County’s students thrive in a technically specialized industry with great demand for a skilled workforce, the college spoke with companies in this sector and asked them what they wanted their workforce to know.

Upon determining knowledge requirements, LCCC sought to offer a significant amount of relevant practice with the latest automated manufacturing and inspection technologies along with a strong support network. Fortunately for the college, Omron was able to provide the ongoing training and support necessary to ensure the success of this exciting new program.

In addition to being one of the world’s largest and most sustainable suppliers of inspection equipment, Omron maintains a strong installation base in communities surrounding LCCC, so educating students on Omron equipment allows students to be of immediate value to the market upon graduation.

Find out more about the technologies and support that Omron provided by downloading the success story here.