The components level: Minimizing downtime and maintenance needs with reliable products 

Many people within a customer’s organization are focused on the individual technologies within an application, and their main concern regarding these technologies is that they function reliably.

Omron’s components are not only designed for exceptional reliability and longevity, but many of them also offer predictive maintenance capabilities to make maintenance more efficient and less labor intense. Omron’s power supplies, IO-Link-enabled sensors, and many other technologies provide 24/7 condition monitoring to help you reduce unplanned downtime.

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The control level: Driving production line performance with a powerful platform

Automation products exist in the context of a larger system, so it’s also important to go beyond these individual products and consider the system as a whole. This is generally under the purview of a production manager, who focuses on the control level.

We help customers understand how our platform can drive the overall performance of a particular line. When everything is integrated within a single platform, as is the case with Omron's Sysmac Software solution, configuration and troubleshooting become much easier. For example, a single project file contains all programs and parameter files of Omron EtherCAT devices.

The business level: Turning trends and buzzwords into concrete, impactful solutions

Industry buzzwords like “smart manufacturing” can seem pretty abstract at times. That’s why we make a huge effort to tether these concepts to actual solutions that solve clearly defined problems. When we present automation concepts to the business level within an organization in this way, it helps the company stay competitive and make smarter investments.

For example, Omron offers transformative Industry 4.0 solutions for traceability that provide connectivity from the plant floor to cloud-based data storage for wider data accessibility and usage. For the logistics industry, Omron provides all-encompassing robotics solutions that can help companies evolve quickly to meet changing customer demands.