Omron will be part of PACK EXPO Connects online event, which will include live chats and multiple educational opportunities to help strengthen relationships between processing and packaging companies and suppliers. The event will encourage exhibitors to connect with attendees, who will be able to see new products in action through live demos.

Let’s take a look at a few of the new solutions Omron will be showcasing at the event.

1. Pick-and-place demo with Quattro robot and AI vision

Omron’s recent addition of artificial intelligence defect detection capabilities to the FH vision system will be an attention-grabber at PACK EXPO. Tools like AI Fine Matching and pre-trained scratch detection are designed to dramatically boost the accuracy and speed of visual inspection on flexible production lines.

This exhibit will also showcase Delta robots, motion control, Sysmac safety and HMI technology that’s been integrated with deep learning algorithms. The parts chosen for the demo will be difficult to inspect using conventional, rule-based vision tools.

2. Bin picking with TM collaborative robot and FH 3D imaging technology

We’re introducing our new FH Series 3D camera to solve robotic bin picking applications, and there’s no better time or “place” to demonstrate it than PACK EXPO Connect. This powerful 3D imaging technology quickly and precisely locates parts in a bin and seamlessly integrates with a variety of robot arms for successful picking.

3. Integrated controller robotic cell with AnyFeeder

Omron’s AnyFeeder flexible feeding system has been a groundbreaking solution for automated product delivery. We’ll be presenting it at PACK EXPO Connect as part of a robotic cell that also features an integrated controller PLC used for programming Omron robots on the EtherCAT network.

Other technologies featured in this demo will include the NA Series HMI, a safety PLC, the 1S servo, FH Series vision and the i4 robot. Each of these will be running on an EtherCAT network controlled by an integrated controller programmed using Sysmac Studio.

Interested in learning more about our integrated solutions? Check out the link below.

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