A quick recap of what was in the booth:

  1. Brand-new, interactive pick-and-place demo featured several Omron robots, a high-speed FH-5050 vision system, a MicroHAWK MV-40 smart camera, a control system featuring the NX102 machine automation controller and NX Series safety control.
  2. Laser marker demo combined our state-of-the-art laser marking technology with vision, our NY IPC and the powerful InduSoft software platform.
  3. Safety demo showcased the F3SG-RA light curtain, the CM Series non-contact door switches, the D4SL solenoid activated door lock, the OS32C safety scanner, the UMQ safety mats, the TS Series two-hand pushbutton and other powerful safety technologies.
  4. Our unique fishtank demo displayed several of our popular barcode reading and machine vision technologies, including several MicroHAWK code readers and smart cameras, the HAWK MV-4000 smart camera and the QX-870 1D code reader.
  5. Of course, no exhibit is complete without our mobile robots! This time, we took things a step further and integrated our self-navigating LD Series autonomous intelligent vehicles with our collaborative robotic arm.

In addition to the “Thrill of Creation” booth display, we also had a strong presence in the event’s new Robotics Zone, a unique experience that presented visitors with the latest in robotics technology. Eventgoers got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play dice with an Omron TM Series Collaborative!

We look forward to seeing you at PACK EXPO 2020, and we can assure you that our demo next year will be just as thrilling as this year’s!