Seasoned visual inspection workers can provide support during the car battery inspection, but ever-changing, demanding quality requirements combined with an increased demand for EV batteries is making it more difficult for employees to manually complete this task. Reducing manual visual inspection efforts is necessary for improving yield.


At Omron, we offer powerful and reliable AI solutions that enable intuitive image inspections that identify between defective and non-defective EV batteries. While other industry suppliers are just beginning to dabble in AI initiatives, Omron has been developing AI-driven technologies for years. Our AI features combined with our image processing technologies allow us to improve the overall performance of your quality control and inspection processes.

This video details how our AI solutions deliver reliable, high-quality inspections.

  • Intuitive image-processing technology learns variations from individual images.
  • AI technology identifies defects based on premium product images.
  • Responsive inspection technology resists variation in high-quality products.

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