The battery stacking process has long-been considered a roadblock, with wait times reducing the speed and yield of the total production. Omron’s dynamic solutions enable high-speed, high-precision processing during stacking that minimizes the time required for vibrations to cease. Our efficient and intuitive SCARA robots stack electrodes of varying sizes, aiding in the transportation process.


Omron’s comprehensive control applications instantly resolve many issues in the stacking process, such as reducing the lag time that exists as you wait for vibrations to cease and automating the configuration of complex settings that are required when inserting a new workpiece. Recent test results show that our model stacking equipment can increase stacking speeds by up to 30 percent.

Implement a solution that will speed up the stacking process

  • Our damping technology stops vibration quickly
  • Electronic cam curve models provide fast synchronization
  • SCARA robots work with a high degree of freedom

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