Advancing Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Implementing continuous thermal monitoring allows you to increase your response time, reduce unplanned downtime and focus on predictive maintenance.


Effective and exhaustive temperature monitoring has traditionally been performed by skilled personnel who know how to use special thermal monitoring equipment to identify potential concerns. However, these inspections have become increasingly complex due to the growing number of devices in a given panel that are required in order to adhere to compliance standards. At the same time, the amount of available maintenance personnel has declined, leading to an inability to provide real-time analysis and develop an accurate snapshot of the thermal condition.


Relying on our foundation of innovation and displaying our commitment to advancement, Omron has developed a compact thermal condition monitor that offers continuous thermal monitoring of critical components.

The K6PM can perform thermal monitoring on high-voltage control panels, transformers, hydraulic equipment, data centers, bearings, gearboxes and more. By utilizing a controller with a built-in display and remote thermal image camera, this solution eliminates the need for manual thermal inspections. You can easily and safely monitor temperatures in real-time, allowing you to prioritize predictive maintenance.

See the K6PM thermal condition monitor in action

This revolutionary monitoring device analyzes temperature deviation over time using thermal imaging sensors. It is capable of detecting abnormalities before they become significant, costly issues that could potentially disrupt production. With a digital display and alarm bar, operators of all experience levels can respond to issues.

Features of the K6PM include:

  • Ethernet/IP & Modbus TCP Communication
  • Compact Thermal Imaging Sensors
  • DIN-Rail Mount Controller with Visual Displays and Alarm Indicator
  • Free PC-based Equipment Monitoring Software

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