Omron is your trusted global partner in packaging. We understand that packaging companies are challenged with producing a consistently high level of product quality, maximum throughput and plant availability, optimum machine efficiency – all with the flexibility and scalability to meet ever-changing customer demands. Addressing these challenges today and in the future is possible only with fully integrated solutions tailored specifically to the packaging industry.

WeighPack Systems standardizes on Omron

WeighPack Systems, part of the globally-operated Paxiom Group, has always trusted in Omron for their automation needs. “Others have tried to pull us away, but we have been loyal to Omron for 30 plus years… and will be for the next 30” — Louis Taraborelli, company founder.

We have robust products for harsh washdown environments

Omron offers a variety of IP67/IP69K-rated products for specialty applications that conform to FDA, USDA, Ecolab and IEC specifications. Engineered for sanitary, hygienic and aseptic environments, they’re ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and life sciences applications.

Making the most of a strategy that supports efficiency, variety and sustainability

The food and beverage packaging industry is facing innumerable pressures at the moment. Packaging companies are required to do more with fewer resources in addition to offering greater product variety and demonstrating environmental sustainability to an increasingly discriminating consumer base. Fortunately, flexible packaging can help companies meet these demands without incurring significant productivity losses. By using less material per package and expanding the options for colorful and creative visual presentations, this strategy promotes environmental health and helps different products stand out on retailer shelves.

See Omron light curtains, safety switches, machine vision cameras and sensors in action on Cynertia's small-dose bottling line.

Specialty bottling line manufacturer turns to automation for strict packaging and labelling requirements

Bottling, capping and labeling line manufacturer Cynertia was seeking to develop specialty equipment that was scalable for expansion, could maintain consistent fill level, ensure cap integrity as well as effectively address packaging and labeling traceability requirements. Omron automation technologies allow the machines to achieve higher levels of throughput, meet product integrity demands as well as adhere to strict traceability regulations.

'Omron offered us a solution for our needs: for control, for motion and for vision'

Hear what Liquibox Engineering Manager Kyle Brooks had to say about the benefits of using an intergrated Omron solution, complete with training and support.

"They integrated the system with us and offered support afterward, making sure we're happy customers," Brooks said. "My experience with Omron was great and continues to be great."

Industry Trends

Harness the ‘Power of Packaging’

Boost your brand and gain insight into packaging market trends. Our new eBook series titled “The Power of Packaging” is designed to give you the knowledge you need to navigate the latest developments in packaging and use them to your advantage.

This series of information-packed eBooks is written exclusively by industry experts who have years of experience in the field. You will discover the biggest opportunities for growth, and you will also learn how to protect your brand with powerful technologies. Click on each trend below to access Omron’s information-packed eBooks.

See for yourself how Omron’s end-to-end solution keeps operations running smoothly while making production tasks more manageable for SCI’s team

Want to see the solution in action? Watch our quick video of this project!

See for yourself how Omron’s end-to-end solution keeps operations running smoothly while reducing production cost by as much as 20% per unit, making production tasks more manageable for Schoenck Containers Inc. team.

A future that works – The role of automation in the future of packaging

Automation is not a new phenomenon, and questions about its promise and effects have long accompanied its advances

This white paper will address the speed with which automation technologies will become a reality in the workplace and the impacts they are likely to have on employment and productivity in the packaging industry.

Omron's sensing solutions solve 'outside-of-the-box' applications for the food, beverage and packaging industries webinar

Advance your knowledge of sensing in the food, beverage, and packaging industries. Join Mike Hamoy and John Wenzler from Omron Automation Americas, as they review some recent successes exemplifying how our new and existing sensing product lines have worked in tandem with other Omron Technologies to solve significant customer problems with long lasting success.

Success Stories

At Omron, we like to listen to our customers. Check our some of our success stories and case studies.

articleSuccess Story

Omron helps Line Equipment develop more advanced machines

Watch the interview to see how, with our support, the implementation of our software and hardware solutions into their machines has enabled Line Equipment to bring more advanced products to market.

articleSuccess Story

Martini's single control for long pasta packaging enabled by Omron

In the world of pasta packaging, long pasta is particularly challenging, primarily because of the complexity of dosing different pasta formats. So when Martini Packaging decided to develop a new machi...

articleSuccess Story

Novel automation system doubles Tasco's output capacity

The challenge was to reduce packaging for fresh vegetables, like broccoli and cauliflower, and minimize packaging-related throughput losses -- while increasing output.

articleSuccess Story

Single-controller in a turnkey packaging line for Mecapack

The French specialist manufacturer of primary and secondary packaging machines recently developed a turnkey packaging line based on a single line controller.

articleSuccess Story

Mespic’s all-in-one solution...

The Italian-based Mespic specializes in the design and construction of integrated end-of-line packaging machinery. The company recently worked with Omron to develop an all-in-one secondary and final p...

articleSuccess Story

Omron makes safety work for beverage producer

A worldwide milk and soya producer at their Canadian facility, identified two specific areas of the production line where additional safety features could be applied, namely the robotic palletizing ce...