Boost your brand and gain insight into packaging market trends

Our new eBook series titled “The Power of Packaging” is designed to give you the knowledge you need to navigate the latest developments in packaging and use them to your advantage.

This series of information-packed eBooks is written exclusively by industry experts who have years of experience in the field. You will discover the biggest opportunities for growth, and you will also learn how to protect your brand with powerful technologies. Click on each trend below to access Omron’s information-packed eBooks.


A guide to global markets

Where is the package industry heading? Where are the biggest opportunities for growth? Read this eBook to get insights and predictions for how each global region is responding to trends and economic factors within the scope of their markets. Learn why the packaging industry is experiencing strong, sustained growth even while there are barriers to growth in developed countries such as pricing pressures, volatile commodity prices and rising labor costs.


The importance of flexibility in today’s industrial market

Flexibility has become a core competitive competency for the packaging industry, but it has several facets: 1) the flexibility to produce a variety of products using the same machines and to produce the same products on different machines; 2) the flexibility to produce new products on existing machines; and 3) the flexibility of machines to accommodate changes in product design. This eBook examines where to focus your efforts to gain the most market share.


The new formula for brand success

To respond to the ever-changing preferences of today’s consumer, many companies are turning to the idea of customization, tailoring products and packaging to appeal to certain customer characteristics, geographies, market priorities and so on. Modifying products and product packaging to meet the needs of specific groups can bring a company’s brand to the next level. Read this tactical brief to discover the latest trends in customization and how to get started delivering more consumer-specific value.


Vision inspection is vital for brand protection

Product recalls incur the immediate costs of lost sales and the long-term costs from damage to brand reputation. But fine-tuned traceability protocols for food and beverages can both prevent recalls and minimize product loss during recalls. Read this 15-page Tactical Brief to discover why vision inspection is proving to be the most effective way to manage traceability and protect your brand.