With the packaging material lined on top of the product feed, Horizontal Form, horizontal flow wrapping machines operate horizontally to encose the product with a wrapping film. After sealing it longitudinally under the product, the rotary knifes seal the edges transversely and at the same time cut into individual packs. Horizontal Flow Wrappers (HFWs) are suitable to pack large quantities of solid products at high speed. Chocolate candy bars are usually packed with non-heated sealing knifes. This cold-seal technology uses an, on the foil pre-applied glue, which is pressed to close the packs.

Main function

  1. Foil Unwind: Provides foil with the right tension.
  2. Product**feed and detection:** Gives perfect spacing and ‘no product no bag’ identification.
  3. Longitudinal**pull and seal:** Lengthwise film transport, positioning and sealing.
  4. Transversal seal and cut: Seals and separates the packs after sealing the edges using rotary knife with the integrated mark correction.
  5. Packed product out-feed: Transport to secondary packaging, optionally spacing the products for automatic out-feed systems.

Your automation requirement - our complete solution

We are able to supply all the automation products for HFWs machines, including the logic and motion or hybrid controller, motors, drives, position sensors, safety devices, temperature sensors and other panel components. All are easy to integrate and carry the famous Omron mark of quality and reliability.

A - Sysmac Studio: One Software!

To develop fast, test as one and secure it all is something Omron can prove. Sysmac Studio is one software to configure, program, and control the entire machine via a single connection gives you the power and efficiency to develop and create like never before.

B - Application specific function blocks

In form fill and seal and horizontal flow wrapping machines it is crucial to create the perfect seal each time, right from the start. For this Omron Sysmac is the solution to integrate temperature control and seal-jaw pressure and timing. Performance is raised and engineering time is reduced when using function blocks (FB) Omron developed for form fill and seal and horizontal flow wrapping machines, like the Rotary Knife FB and the Direct Power temperature Control FB.

C - Exact spacing on product feed

Create exact product spacing with the E3Z photo electric sensor and G5 servo connected to one controller. The integrated motion and logic engine of the NJ machine controller makes it easy to change spacing of products, even during production.

D - Synchronized high speed network

Synchronizing the seal-knifes with the film and product feed, reaction to no product / no seal and ‘film slip’ situations are significantly improved when using a high speed and synchronized network like EtherCAT between the controller and the actuating servos.