Machine description

Gantry robot palletisers are linear, cartesian (XYZ) coordinated robots for pick and place applications. The axes slide linearly in relation to each other, rather than rotate as with a robotic arm. Large work spaces can be covered with high positioning accuracy. The portal construction ensures rigidity while using less floor space than a robotic arm. Replaceable grippers make this type of robot capable of handling loads of many different types.

Main function

  1. Product in-feed: Stackable object like carton box.
  2. X-Y movement system: Transports the object to the pallet position.
  3. Z movement system: Moves the object up and down.
  4. Rotation pick-up: Grabs and rotates the object.
  5. Pallet out-feed: Full stacked pallet exit.

Your automation requirement - our complete solution

We automate machines! We supply all the automation products for palletisers, including the logic and motion or hybrid controller. In addition we provide all motors, drives, position sensors, safety devices and other panel components.

Graphical wizard based operator interface

Flexible, rotating operator teams lead to machine training investments. A graphical wizard and instruction video makes the need for training virtually obsolete while giving greater flexibility in layer stacking patterns. Made possible due to the power of Omron’s NA HMI.

Motion function blocks

XYZ robots are available in a variety of mechanical configurations. H-bot gantry robots have the XY motors fixed on the static frame, making the moving arm lighter. Omron saves you engineering time as the H-bot motion function has already been programmed.

Open parameter servo drive

Servo drive and motor are sold as a matching set. Omron’s G5-LM servo drive has an open parameter structure to drive any servo motor. Not only linear, but also dedicated application motors, such as direct-drive servos.