TFFS are also known as deep-draw packing machines. Today O.E.M’s provide easy to flush moulds made out of stainless steel to comply to the high hygiene standards that end users demand. Interchangeable moulds make these machines flexible and fast to change to another product.

Machine description

A thermoform, fill and seal machine (TFFS) is one in which a web of thermoformable material is heated and formed with pressure/vacuum. After the form is filled it is then sealed with a top film and finally cut to produce individual packs. Machines can produce one or more lanes of packs and may incorporate equipment to handle gas before the packs are sealed.

Main function

  1. Transport System: Base-web (tray-film) unwind and transport system.
  2. Form Station: Creating the tray-shape from the base-web.
  3. Sealing Station: Sealing the film onto the tray.
  4. Top-web (Seal-Film) unwind & Residual film wind: Transporting the film used for sealing the tray.
  5. Cross and Longitudinal cutting: Separates the sealed trays from the base-web.

Your automation requirement - our complete solution

We are able to supply all the automation products for TFFS machines, including the logic and motion or hybrid controller.

A: Optimum temperature control for sealing

We can also provide all motors, drives, position sensors, safety devices, temperature sensors and other panel components. All are easy to integrate and carry the famous Omron mark of quality and reliability.

Temperature control during forming and sealing is critical. At each form and seal the mould drops in temperature and fast recovery is essential to reach high throughput.

B: Exact top film position detection

The E3ZM-V mark sensor provides the machine controller with the exact position information of the top film. The sensor is easy to teach and provides stable detection of differently colored or black print marks.

The forming and sealing puts stress on the films, so holding the exact position is paramount. When the chain stops for the forming/sealing process, the film must stay in place. Omron RX Inverters or G5 servos are able to provide this crucial ‘hold’ function.

Omron’s unique 2-PID control with built-in auto tune optimizes the system for fast disturbance response, perfect for applications like TFFS. Another benefit is fast start-up, the first product is already perfect.

C: Precise chain drive positioning

Critical in this machine is the base web transport chain. It moves the base-web and, after the sealing process, the top-web all the way through the machine.