Change-overs occur when there is significant change in product size, shape, flavor or material. Typically, the system is brought to a standstill so that machine settings can be adjusted. And bringing a restarted line up to speed too quickly can result in damaged and wasted product as well as lost time to tweak the settings even further.

With growth in the number of products and variants being designed to meet consumer preferences and thus driving demand, the need for efficient change-overs is significantly increasing

Automation eliminates the risk of incorrect adjustments, reduces post change-over start-up waste and jams and thereby enhances packagers’ productivity and competitiveness.

This solution will help you:

  • Eliminate the risk of incorrect adjustments caused by operator error
  • Allow for complex adjustments for various machine settings and sequences
  • Reduce downtime associated with change-over between products
  • Provide more consistent throughput
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by increasing the availability and operating time of the machine
  • Decrease the time before payback
  • Make automatic adjustments on common types of machinery including fillers, cartoners, case packers, etc.
  • Decrease the amount of scrap/waste
  • Decrease the amount of damaged product
  • Eliminate delays and limitations throughout the supply chain