PackML or Packaging Machine Language defines a standard for programming automated machines. It is maintained by OMAC and is an industry standard ISA-TR88.00.02. The primary objective of PackML is to enable and encourage industry innovation by bringing a common look and feel and operational consistency to all machines that make up a packaging line.

PackML defines machine states, modes of operation and machine-to-machine communication. The primary goal is to encourage a common ‘look and feel’ across a plant floor. It provides a broadly recognized machine state model and standardized data model (PackTags) to help ensure that programmers are speaking the same language and using terminology consistently. This creates a predictable, reusable model when multiple programmers are involved during machine design.

This solution will help you:

  • Provide a consistent ‘look and feel’ to operators and technicians
  • Establish a foundation for vertical and horizontal integration
  • Standardize information in and out of a machine
  • Offer plug-and-play functionality
  • Drive consistent end-user specification
  • Eliminate barriers caused by the control platform
  • Provide a modular approach to machine control
  • Offer a lower total cost of ownership
  • Allow for integration of machines from multiple vendors
  • Support productivity-enhancing initiatives such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)