In an age of rapid industrialization and intense competition, processors and packagers are looking for more speed and accuracy of the machines and assembly lines in their production units. They are now investing in technologies that speed up the functions on the assembly line front and also add to the precision of operations. Herein stems the importance of pick and place robots in an assembly process. These systems are commonly found in industrial automation processes and are used to sort components and place them in their appropriate slots in the line. For example in primary handling, it is used for putting individual pieces or components into a tray or carton for ready meals, beverages, consumer packaged goods, confectionery, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

This solution will help you:

  • Speed automation processes, which leads to faster production
  • Offer precision in operations, compensating for errors caused by human intervention
  • Offer reliable operation performing repetitive tasks with virtually no downtime
  • Allow for flexibility to handle differences in pack size and product change-overs
  • Ensure product components are placed in the proper tray compartments for mixed-variety packs
  • Keep food safe from pathogens during direct contact, such as blood, perspiration, tears, etc.