Predictive maintenance (PdM) evaluates the condition of equipment or other components by performing periodic or continuous condition monitoring. The ultimate goal of PdM is to use real-time data analytics to identify component failure or other quality issues so a manufacturer can avoid downtime, reduce costs, minimize operational risk and develop a PdM program.

Driven by analytics, PdM solutions detect even minor abnormalities and failure patterns to determine the equipment or assets and operational processes that are at the greatest risk of problems or failure. Early identification of potential concerns helps manufacturers deploy limited resources most cost effectively, maximize equipment uptime and minimize planned downtime.

This solution will help you:

  • Gain full visibility into how systems are performing
  • Understand how surrounding impact performance
  • Provide cost savings by minimizing unplanned downtime
  • Create alerts to catch issues before they occur
  • Provide automated responses to changing conditions
  • Put the building blocks in place for a solid maintenance strategy
  • Identify primary variables as part of a root-cause analysis
  • Predict where, when and why component failures are likely to occur
  • Monitor data trends to decision making at critical control points