Scrap / waste is a manufacturing reality impacting companies across all industries. It is caused by many things including parts from a supplier that do not fit into finished assembly, manufacturing errors as well as inefficiencies in the production process. No matter why scrap / waste occurs, its impact on a company is always the same - wasted time, money and possibly reputation.

Although it is near-impossible to eliminate scrap / waste completely, it can be reduced by optimizing the way product data is documented, manufacturing processes are reviewed and manufacturing / engineering changes are communicated throughout the supply chain.

This solution will help you:

  • Eliminate the high cost of carrying extra inventory due to scrap / waste issues
  • Increase chances of meeting on-time deliveries
  • Keep production from getting backed up due to re-runs
  • Ensure the correct parts are in place for a production run
  • Save costs, which affect the bottom line and profitability
  • Help processors and packagers adhere to just-in-time manufacturing cycles
  • Aid in promoting sustainability of operations
  • Produce higher quality products at the lowest possible cost
  • Eliminate scrap (cost of product that cannot be reworked or reused)
  • Eliminate scrap disposal (cost of getting rid of product that cannot be reworked or reused)