A SKU is a unique product identifier that refers to a specific stock item in a manufacturer’s inventory or product catalog. The SKU is often used to identify the product, product size or type and the manufacturer. In the food, beverage and packaging industries, a SKU is part of the back-end inventory control system and enables a processor or packager to track an inventoried product that may be held in their warehouse or in another outlet, such as a retail store. Intended applications include inventory, picking, storage, customer service, processes, safety as well as facility and equipment.

This solution will help you:

  • Enhance tracking and tracing as SKU transaction history remains available in the system meaning customer queries or communications can be directed accurately and promptly
  • Ensure the correct containers, labels or cases are loaded onto the correct packaging lines, reducing downtime and wasted product
  • Prevents incorrect products from being placed on ‘hold’ and eliminates manual inspection
  • Ensure mislabeled products are caught prior to shipment, before reaching the consumer – avoiding a forced recall
  • Confirm the proper containers, labels or cases are matched to each other at all stages on the packaging process: from fillers, labelers, date code markers, cappers and sealers to banders, wrappers, case packers, palletizers and de-palletizers
  • Provide a more efficient way to manage inventory